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The Jinx : the Life and Deaths of Robert Durst 

Two blog posts in a week ! Aren’t you lucky. 

You can quite easily google what happened to Robert Durst, but for those of you who are lazy or have not yet watched it , I am about to spoil it all.

The Jinx is a documentary series about the case of Bob Durst who was a suspect in the disappearance of his wife in 1982, a suspect in the murder of his good friend Susan Berman in 2000, and a suspect (later admitting) in the killing of Morris Black; shooting him and dismembering the body. 

Durst was tried for the murder of Morris Black but the good jurors of Texas gave a Not Guilty verdict after it was felt the defense proved he was acting in self defence. As the body was only dismembered after the shooting, the jury didn’t judge Durst for this . Apparently dismembering a body is normal when you panic. 

Soon after the trial, director Andrew Jarecki decided to make a movie about Durst and gained an unlikely fan.

After seeing the film, Durst reached out to Jarecki and asked to be interviewed to give his own account of events; the Jinx is born!

What follows is a detailed investigation featuring interviews with virtually everyone involved in the case as well as Durst himself who is , in my opinion, one of the most chilling individuals I have ever seen (and that includes my 5th grade teacher ). 

In the finale of the series, Jarecki and his producers come across letters written by Durst to Susan Berman. The handwriting is an exact match to the anonymous letter sent to the police after Susan’s death , detailing Susan’s address and the word ‘cadaver’. Jarecki confronts Durst with this information. Durst denies it but appears visibly shaken on camera. 

Off camera, Durst excuses himself to go to the toilet. He forgets the microphone is still plugged in. 

We hear him say :

“What the hell did I do ? Killed them all, of course ” 

Durst was arrested less than 24hrs after the documentary aired. Jarecki is now reportedly under investigation for withholding some of this information until the show aired publicly. The case continues.

If you’re a fan of crime documentaries or criminal investigations of any kind, you will not be disappointed with this! 

Happy viewing 🙂 

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