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From Russia, with love

Hello people,

Hard to believe we’re getting closer to Christmas and the end of another year. To make the most of the remaining good weather, we’ve tried to cram in as many activities over the weekend, from walks in parks and meetings with friends, to the more mundane (and expensive) items like cleaning out the leaves from our gutters and servicing our car.

This past Sunday, we went to the Moscow State Circus at the O2, thanks to finding a couple of cheap tickets on a discount website. For £14 per person, expectations were low-average.

We were so very surprised.


Fantastic (and slightly risky) performances. No net? No problem!
Fantastic (and slightly risky) performances. No net? No problem!


The circus performance , “Zhelaniy”, tells the story of a little girl (played I’m guessing by a 30 something year old woman) who gets seven wishes.

Each performance is linked to what she wishes for; starting from very materialistic items like roller-skates and popcorn (legitimate wishes if you ask me), until she finally grows up and wishes for her last wish to make a boy on crutches able to walk again.

Ultimately, this is very much a children’s performance. I think we were the only adults who were there by our own choice, but it was well worth the trip and certainly value for money. If you want your child to see a circus performance but don’t want to spend hundreds on a Cirque du Soleil style show, then this is where you need to be looking!


Until next time, enjoy your week everybody 🙂

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Mars looks fun

Hello everybody,

If you ignore Matt Damons’ questionable behaviour in recent media which includes colourful quotes exhibiting racism and homophobia amongst other things , if you ignore all that  .. The Martian is not a bad movie.


It has the usual set-up of a Ridley Scott space movie. Key ingredients:

  • Space (very important)
  • Only white Americans go to (and survive in) space (this movie at least showed China has improved technology but still , only white Americans go to and survive in space)
  • Some tense and slow motion (because Space) action scenes

I should say , about 1 hour and 30 minutes into this movie my husband asked the very valid question :

Where are the f***ing aliens?

It’s not that kind of movie.

Instead, Mark Watney (Damon) and his crew attempt to leave Mars when their mission goes awry. The crew start to board their rocket (I’m sure there’s another word for their transport) , but leave Mark behind after he’s struck by a satellite dish and presumed dead.

Turns out, being struck by a satellite dish does not kill you and so Mark is left on Mars to fend for himself.

What follows is the laid back and often funny story of his survival. Using his background in botany, physics, chemistry and every other science (because he’s a man and he knows everything – don’t even get me started on female leading roles! ) , Mark manages to keep himself alive growing his own food whilst the people on Earth try to figure out how to reach him on time.

Thankfully, this space movie also has a great soundtrack for once. This personally made it 90% better for me.

I’d encourage you to watch this, even if you’ve hated every other Ridley Scott movie or indeed don’t know who he is .

Enjoy the weekend folks!