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A little bit of Belgrade

Hello people,

We hopped on a plane to Belgrade last week to see my mom for her birthday. An all too short trip but one of the places we went to was Lorenzo and Kakalamba; a great little quirky restaurant which also does very tasty food.

Without photos to help, it’s a little hard to describe the decor. In a few short hours, I saw a stuffed polar bear (not real – relax animal lovers), santa, a knight statue which held my toilet paper in the bathroom, and a chastity belt.

The food was incredible. But also, it is Serbia after all and great food is not hard to find. I’m not bragging. It is simply true.

I did take some grainy looking pictures to give you a feel for it:




And then the food..



There was not a single item of food I didn’t like. I ate it all . But then , that isn’t a hard thing to do lately either.

We returned to a rather mundane week in London where several obvious things have been making headlines:

– The weather – It’s cold. Everyone I’ve spoken to “can’t believe it”

– Charlie Sheen has HIV – is anyone surprised by this ? And is no-one annoyed that he’s pushing out years of education around HIV by being so nonchalant about it? Another blog for another time.

And until next time, have a great weekend 🙂




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