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You at 11 months

Lana, you’re 11 months now; sound asleep while I sit here typing this and also browse the internet looking for ideas for your first birthday party (these ideas are largely for us because you will remember none of it ). 

A year is short. Too short when you develop this fast. I know every baby is generally the same in their quickness but I swear you’re growing faster than most . Yesterday for example you did not know how to get off the couch without going head first . Today , you turned around and got off like a normal 75cm person would . 

I remember you being passed to me by your father in the hospital (he got to hold you first because, well , Labour) , and I remember not knowing what to do with you. This feeling has, for the most part, not gone away. We figure out one thing, and then something new happens and it all feels new again. 

So… you at 11 months. You are :

– Talking. We don’t understand you , but you’re talking . At the moment your favourite word sounds like “Bidet”. You also frequently say “Dimbee” and “Kim G”. As I said , we don’t understand. 

– You are not walking yet and look bored by the entire thing ( I don’t blame you) .

– You point at everything , but most of all the ceiling. You’re starting to see things at quite a distance . Gone are the days of not seeing across a room, and you now point at planes and birds in the sky. Birds are your favourite. 

– You continue to wake frequently during the night, but I can feel our feeding together may be coming to an end as you’re starting to put yourself back to sleep or are just as happy to have a bottle of milk as you are to breastfeed. Months ago I may have been quite happy about this but I know I’ll miss everything about it.

– You give hugs and you enjoy biting us on the shoulder, using your (currently) 6 teeth to full capacity.

– You climb up stairs and can now climb down until the last step where you still rely on one of us to help you down.

– You love being chased; taking a look at me before starting to crawl away as fast as you can, squealing in delight. 

The list of what you can do grows every day and if I were to write a post tomorrow, it would have grown by at least three items. 

What I love most about how you are right now is your excitement about everything. I hope you are as excited about life twenty years from now. 

This photo of you may not illustrate that excitement quite so well, but it’s one of my favourites. 

Until next time little L . 

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