About me


So this is me (I’m in the middle).

Review Me Vee was started during a 15 minute study and tea break in June of 2012. As is the case with most of my 15 minute breaks, I’m still here one year on.

I was born in the town of Aleksinac in Serbia (population = small ; soul = immeasurable ). At the age of 7 (It may have been earlier or later, but 7 feels right), I moved to Zimbabwe, Africa (not alone obviously, I moved with my parents). There I experienced many ‘firsts’ including eating a banana, learning English, hearing a mosquito, and feeling hot. Very hot.

Later, not being a very out-doorsy person I spent most weekends renting movies from our local video store, a fact which I believe has directly contributed to my love of cinema and starting this blog (15 minute break aside). When I did venture outdoors, I saw some great places, met even greater friends and (much later) fell in love with my now husband. I moved to London in pursuit of said husband or , as I liked to call it at the time , ‘an education’.

Whilst starting out as a backstory, education did eventually become a forefront (thank goodness right!?) and I ended up studying Psychology, as did millions of other people much to the disappointment of my job-hunting self. In time, this blog might become more about that. But for now and until I’m successful enough to brag about it at least a little bit I will be writing about my other true passion:  cinema and life in London town.

Happy reading and happy blogging !

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. I like your blog very much, very funny written and nice toppics. And I like the quote above. Thats exactly the reason why I like stories (wether in books or movies) so much.

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