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That fitness thing

Hello readers,

In 2013, I got the Runkeeper App on my phone. It was both a godsend and godawful at the same time; cheering me on when I did any manner of activity, and silently judging me when I didn’t .

It asked me to set a goal for myself .

I decided to reach for the stars and wrote : ” be fitter” .

One year later, I’m pleased to say that my very achievable goal has been achieved , with a few hiccups along the way ( hiccups in the form of fatty food and passing health scares ).

This year, the goal remains the same . If you have decided to do the same , here are some things to get you started :

1. Leave your house. Baby steps.





2. Take photos of yourself in the midst of fitness related activity (or at least in fitness clothing). This will help to give your mind the impression that you are actually doing something good and healthy even if you only ran to the vending machine for water. 


3. Go to a class of some sort. At first, the emptier it is the better. 

Actually, it’s always better when it’s empty. 


4. I like none of the vegetables below. I like steak, burgers, pasta, chocolate, cheese and wine. It pains me to say that you should eat well. But you should. Because it’s just one of those things you have to do. 



Good luck with your 2014 people. And if you’re not doing the fitness thing , please send me photographs of all the cheese you’re having. I hate you. 


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What not to wear

Winter is here.

Almost every year, I hunt for the right coat, right scarf, and right shoes. Clothes and footwear in the UK are not built to last , and it is more expensive to repair than it is to replace altogether. Fact.

Also, I like to change my look regularly.

Of course, ‘not-freezing’ and ‘looking stylish’ at the same time is an impossible thing to do. If you think its’ possible, just look at yourself in the mirror.You’re either very warm and look like you’re wearing bubble wrap. Or you’re very cold, but tailored and sveldt. So which do you go for?

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 18.18.24
Coat – Joy , Boots – Urban Outfitters, Scarf – Topshop

I want to say I go for the warm options… But it just never happens that way.

That’s all from me for tonight, wishing you luck in finding your winter clothing!



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Keeping calm.

Finally took that Yoga class.

yoga cat


I don’t know what to tell you.. A review of any sort would not do it justice at this stage, or any stage really. Yoga is quite simply a life-style. One does not just do Yoga. One must be Yoga. Calm… zen … bullshit. Sorry.

My idea of ‘calming my mind’ is taking a bath. Trying to put my right foot behind my head , is not my idea of calming my mind.

My not liking this form of exercise is not at all a reflection on Yoga itself. I know people who do it regularly and swear by it, and I don’t disagree with the benefits they get from it. As an exercise, it really works.This has probably been my most active year yet , and I still hurt the next day in places I didn’t expect ( my toes hurt, my back hurt ).

But, it’s not for me. As the instructor told us to ‘feel’ our worries ‘flow’ out, I was well aware that I was in-fact in a Virgin Active gym. I was not on a beach in Bali. My worries will not flow out of me. They will go by my actively doing something about them, which does not include arching my back like a cat or making a to-do list.

That’s all for tonight!

Review Me Vee – sans Zen.



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Face – Off : a beauty review as told by the faces of Nicolas Cage

Well hello.

We have a lot to talk about.



When my mom and I bought these a week ago, we were in search of a moisturiser that would be our force-field through winter. The kind of force-field you might see on Independence Day or Star Trek. A bullet-proof, torpedo-proof barrier for the skin.

What we were offered was Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and a selection of creams from their Rose Arctica range. The creams contain Resurrection Flower extracts… This is apparently a plant that can go without water for over 30 DAYS. Naturally this was our reaction :

nic cage

After many other words like ‘restructuring’, ‘rejuvenation’ were mentioned , we were sold.

All of the creams also promised results in 7 days, which as you all know is a lie (although I am sure there is a little part of you that always makes a mental note of Day 7 from the date of purchase).

Well… It works. From Day 1.

The Midnight recovery oil is used each night (two drops really is enough) and acts as a base for the cream. For the past 7 days my husband has mentioned I have an oily-sheen on my face. I prefer the term ‘dewy’ or ‘glowing’ (he’s just not clued up on the correct term). My mom has reported similar results with others asking if she had anything ‘done’ to her face. Result!



The Rose Arctica face and eye cream are equally good and last from morning till night. I’m making my way through a sample sized tub of the cream and it is nowhere near finished.

A handy tip we got from fellow bloggers is that Kiehls will hand out samples of the creams and oils free of charge!

I intend to go to every Kiehls store in London squirrelling away these little samples for as long as is feasible or legal.

Here’s to a new face!







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This is madness … No. This is Zumba.


Don’t say I never do anything for you.

I’m back from the Zumba class/torture chamber (tomatoe/tomato).

If you don’ know what Zumba is, here is a Wikipedia definition:

”Zumba involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hopsocasambasalsamerenguemambo and martial artsSquats and lunges are also included.”

All of this I have to say is true. It’s like being at a carnival with less nakedness , more arm-bands and way, way less co-ordination. That is the only thing that shocked me. My co-ordination = zero. I knew the class would tire me out. I know my fitness level. My fitness and I are on speaking terms. But I had no idea  that I didn’t have any rhythm.. stop laughing.

There were 8 of us in total. I wished more had attended so the crowd could somehow mask my complete inability to ”bust a move” , but the numbers only started to decrease with two people leaving 30 minutes in (it was a 60 minute class).

Rhythm and coordination aside, I feel really good right now. (I felt like throwing up immediately after the class. When I say ‘right now’ I mean about 2 hours post-workout).

On Thursday, I bring you a YOGA review. Stay tuned for that madness.


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The one with all the oil

Good-evening all,

It’s getting hot in here. It was a balmy 15C today.

With the soaring temperatures, I’m sure the last thing you want to be hearing about is oil: body oil. But I’ll talk about it anyway, obviously.

It took quite some time for me to stop associating the words ‘body oil’ with massage, body building, and generally slippery looking people. But this little box changed my mind:

Magic box.


The box contains 6 different body oils, all very small so you can try them and see which one you like best.

ESPA body oils
ESPA body oils

From left to right the Detoxifying, Energising, Fitness, Resistance, Restorative and Soothing body oils all have different functions (if I have to tell you what these functions do then there’s something wrong with you). One thing I should say  is that , depending on the function, they advise for you to apply them at different times of day.

The Detoxifying, Energising and Fitness oils are better applied before 5pm or in the morning after your shower. And the rest are best applied after 5pm and right before you head off to bed. … I’ve found that none of this really matters. Applying the Energising body oil after 5pm doesn’t keep you up until 2am. They’re all the same: oil is oil.

The effect of them however is amazing. The oils work best when you’ve gotten out of your shower or bath and haven’t dried yourself off completely. My skin after  3 weeks of using them feels softer and has a sheen to it but is not oily at all. It feels exactly like I’ve applied moisturiser to it and I’ve found it to be less sticky than applying cream.

I’m not convinced I’ll stay with the same brand after trying these samples and they are running out very quickly. But I do have my eye on some others, let me know if you’ve come across them before!






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The running diaries: Part Two

Hello everyone,

You probably won’t remember that some time ago, I wrote about how I ran…for 20 minutes a day…for a couple of days. It was all very exciting.

After only a few days I didn’t feel equipped to tell you that running is the best or worst thing in the world, so I’m returning to the subject two months down the line.

I’m still running 2-3 times a week, not as regularly as before but when I do I run for longer periods of time and feel less likely to call 999.




In no particular order, I have also noticed the following things happening:

– I have not lost weight. I’m not telling you this because I was aiming to lose any. I’m telling you this because if you’re thinking regular 30 minute runs are going to help you shed some kg’s, they won’t. After a steady 30 minute run, I burn off around 200 calories. That is equal to one really good biscuit.

– I don’t have more energy. People have told me they have ”so much more energy” when they exercise regularly. Those people were lieing to me. I have more energy immediately after my runs, yes. But more energy in general? Not happening.

– I’m drinking more water. When I say more, I mean about 1.5-2litres a day. (I previously kept myself functioning on under 500 ml a day. I don’t know how I did it. It was a gift ).

– Experiencing a need for colourful food; Salads, vegetables, fish, and less of a need for dairy, starchy, oily foods. I can smell the oil (a superpower of some sort has developed).

– I run faster and longer with company. I’m certain this has been proven scientifically but I’m too lazy to look it up. Running alone is nothing compared to running with someone you know, trying to show them how well you’re doing while you’re secretly dieing inside.

So yes, it’s going well.

Also here is a food photo and something I like to have after a run, or anytime…or all the time.

Avocado on rye crispbread

What you’ll need:

– x1 (preferably soft) Avocado

– rye crispbread

– x1 lemon

– salt and cayenne pepper to taste

Mash up your avocado, squeeze in the lemon and spread over the crisp bread with a little salt and pepper. I like mine with a little bit of cottage cheese.

Enjoy (the running or the eating) !