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Olympic sized confusion.

If I asked how many of you watched the opening ceremony to the Olympics, the numbers are sure to be in the hundreds of millions at least. The ceremony attracted 27 million UK viewers and over 40 million in the U.S alone.

Now if I asked how many of you understood the Opening Ceremony … I think that the number would dwindle slightly.

It all started off promising enough. Danny Boyle assured us that it would be different, it was. He assured us it would be more involving of the crowd, it was.

There were some good moments. The Queen jumped out of a helicopter (I’m telling myself this was real and there was no stunt double. It makes me feel better.) There was a Mr Bean scene which made me laugh for 10 seconds.

And then there were the not-so-good moments of dance medleys; a young couple texting each other on stage (how rude) and a strangely choreographed routine (even the commentators kept quiet for that bit). I couldn’t help but feel that the whole world was watching like this..

the World’s confused face.

It was like a 3 hour long ”you-had -to-be-there ” kind of moment.

I’m not completely knocking it. The lighting of the flame was fantastic and seeing the teams coming out with their flags was moving (even if the countries you support start with ‘S’ and ‘Z’ ).  It was the topic of conversation for the entire weekend and I’m sure will be for the week ahead too.

What did you think? I’m particularly interested in your opinion if you have never been to London, England .

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