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Moving on

Hello friends ,

Whoever said writing comes naturally is wrong.

Eating comes naturally . Writing? No.

I can write about coffee shops, a movie or two, a book or two, but the fact of the matter is … a whole lot of other crap happens in-between. Whilst I am not one to complain (much) about lack of activity and busy-ness in life , this month offered up life events of epic and tragicomic proportions.

We surfaced with some good news; we are moving !

After a good five months of playing word tennis with estate agents, solicitors, banks, and eventually our buyers and vendors, we did it.

Now starts the big task of coming to terms with just how much we have , which we might not need, which needs to be packed regardless and then moved to a whole new place where it again , might not be needed.

A sneak peak !
A sneak peak !

Until next time , have a Happy Halloween and weekend wherever you are 🙂

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Hello everybody ,

I have spent all of this last week surrounded by people. Good people.

This week and next, I am living alone with asshole-cat (that’s his name now). A series of rather unfortunate events have led to this situation and I would share it if the events were mine and mine alone.

But instead I will be cryptic as f**k.

I have never lived alone. My first hour of it last night was spent crying , eating cheese and staring at the carpet .

Today, I started to get the hang of it.

I decided not to come home immediately and instead took the train for two more stops.

I bought gluten free bread rolls.

I got home an hour late (late for what?) and cleaned a ‘Number 2’ out of the bath . Asshole-cat leaves these presents regularly now . His ‘Number 2’ is in-fact his Number 1 priority.

My favourite part though was coming home to a letter from our Solicitors (we’re still trying to move house).Earlier this week we had received our contracts for signing , except there were no indications of where we needed to sign.

Because all humans find contracts deathly boring to read, solicitors and contract-writers all over the world place post-its or signs indicating where you would need to scribble your signature. All solicitors but ours that is.

I had to manually put little asterisks’s on the sections we needed to pay attention to. A job which I am actually paying somebody else to do.

The letter today said this :

” Thank you for kindly sending through your contract documentation which we have today received. Unfortunately Page 2 of 15 requires your signature and we have noted that this was not provided. Please could you kindly sign the relevant section , labelled with an Asterisk, and return to us at your earliest convenience.”

I responded :

“Thank you for kindly letting us know you have received our documentation. Apologies for the missed section. We received the documentation earlier last week and I spent some time going through the contract , labelling the relevant sections with an Asterisk, and promptly signing the relevant sections. Enclosed is Page 2 with the signature. I can’t believe I missed my own Asterisk! “.

I think I won.